What We Save

Some agricultural lands POST has protected

Other landscapes POST protects


"Over the past 100 years we’ve paved over
some of our most productive coastal soils.
Once developed, their potential for producing food
and fiber is lost. Now more than ever we
need to make sure that tomorrow’s farmers
have someplace to farm."
— Larry Jacobs, Farmer and POST board member

Protecting Farm and Ranch Land

POST works to preserve agriculture in and around Silicon Valley. Farm and ranchland is rapidly disappearing, as a result of skyrocketing local real estate prices. POST buys agricultural land at risk of development, and then leases it to farmers and ranchers or sells it to them subject to a conservation easement, bringing the price within reach. 

POST’s partnership with local farmers doesn’t stop there. POST staff members also help farmers with grant writing, permit applications, maintenance projects and water issues. This investment of time and resources helps preserve agriculture in our area and ensure sources of fresh food close to home.

>> Meet the farmers working POST-protected lands.

Pie Ranch, Paolo Vescia © 2012 Pie Ranch, Paolo Vescia 2012