Protected Lands

What We Save

POST has preserved more than 75,000 acres of open space across the San Francisco Peninsula and Santa Cruz Mountains, including coastal land, redwood forests, wildlife habitat, vital water resources and farm and ranch land. As our region continues to urbanize, POST works to protect the natural beauty that makes it such a wonderful place to live and work.

what we save redwood forests farms and ranches coastal lands we have saved water resources we have saved wildlife habitat we have saved

How We Care for the Land

POST’s expert staff and trained volunteers nurture valuable habitat and contain invasive species on the lands we own, using the most up-to-date scientifically supported stewardship methods. We continue to actively monitor lands we’ve transferred to ensure that their natural and agricultural values are maintained. Learn more about our stewardship efforts.

How we save the land how we care for the land how we ensure the land is protected