What We Save

Some redwood forests POST has protected

Other landscapes POST protects

"There can be nothing in the world
more beautiful than the groves of the
giant sequoias and redwoods.
Our people should see to it
that they are preserved for their children
and their children's children forever,
with their majestic beauty all unmarred."
— Teddy Roosevelt

Protecting Redwood Forests

There are 30,000 acres of unprotected redwoods in San Mateo and Santa Cruz counties alone. At POST, our goal is to protect them all.

Just 5 percent of California's original old-growth redwoods remain. Climate change poses a particular threat to the tree that is so perfectly adapted to California's climate.

Many of the state's unique animal species rely on redwoods for habitat. If the trees disappear, many threatened and endangered animals will go with them.

We think the human spirit will lose something irreplaceable, too.

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