POST's Heart of the Redwoods Campaign will protect 20,000 acres of the last remaining redwood forests in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The future of these ancient, majestic giants is at stake. We must act quickly to preserve what’s left of our local redwood forests before they are gone for good.

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Rare, Iconic and at Risk
Once located throughout the northern hemisphere, redwoods now exist in only three places on the planet–including right here in our own Santa Cruz Mountains. Our local redwood lands face devastating threats from increasing population and development pressures. The temptation to carve them up into private, fenced-off luxury estates is great. If we allow such development to happen, we will destroy our local redwood lands forever. We can't let that happen!



A map of the Santa Cruz
Mountain redwoods

How You Can Make a Difference
This is our last chance to save what’s left of our region’s iconic redwood heartland. Your gift to POST will help preserve large-scale redwood properties like CEMEX Redwoods, an 8,532-acre property near Davenport. One of the biggest unprotected expanses of redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains, the property faced subdivision and development until POST partnered with four other conservation groups to buy the land and save it from potential development.

To protect magnificent forests like CEMEX Redwoods, we must take action now. Help save our beloved redwood landscapes for the future. Make your gift to POST today!

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To learn more about the campaign and supporting POST's work to protect iconic redwoods, please contact Kathleen Phan, Director of Individual Gifts: (650) 854-7696 x 303 or kphan [at]

Help Save the Last Remaining Redwood
Forests in the Santa Cruz Mountains.