NEWS: POST Redwoods Campaign Gets $10 Million Boost from California Wildlife Conservation Board

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A map of the Santa Cruz Mountain redwoods

With the recent $10 million grant toward a conservation easement on San Vicente Redwoods (formerly CEMEX Redwoods), POST's Heart of the Redwoods Campaign is just $3 million shy of our fundraising goal. Help us end the campaign early and move quickly to protect the last remaining redwood forests in the Santa Cruz Mountains before they are gone for good!

Rare, Iconic and at Risk

Once located throughout the northern hemisphere, redwoods now exist in only three places on the planet—including right here in our own Santa Cruz Mountains. Our local redwood lands face devastating threats from increasing population and development pressures, and your gift can help save these incredible resources for now and generations to come.

How You Can Make a Difference

> Read more about why we must save our local redwoods.
> Learn more about the protection of our largest campaign
   property, San Vicente Redwoods.
> Be inspired by our 2013 Redwoods Rhymes poetry winners!
> Give now!

To learn more about the campaign and supporting POST's work to protect iconic redwoods, please contact Kathleen Phan, Director of Individual Gifts: (650) 854-7696 x 303 or kphan [at]

Help Save the Last Remaining Redwood
Forests in the Santa Cruz Mountains.