How you benefit from protecting this land

  • Quality of Life + Our Valley will stay greener and more livable

    Just 12 miles southwest of downtown San Jose, Rancho San Vicente is a classic California landscape rising above quiet neighborhoods at the southern tip of Almaden Valley. When you consider how close these 966 acres of rolling hillsides and grasslands are to heavily populated areas, it’s amazing this land is undeveloped. But that wasn’t always the plan. Up to 900 densely packed houses, an 18-hole golf course and, most recently, 16 large homes on 40-acre lots were envisioned for this land. With a gift to POST, you can help save this and other local landscapes that make our Valley greener.

  • Scenic Landscapes + Rolling hills and Valley vistas will remain beautiful.

    At Rancho San Vicente, thriving biodiversity defines the beauty you see. Throughout the year—from the silhouettes of ancient oaks in winter, to blankets of native wildflowers in springtime and golden grasses in summer—the property is a sight to behold. The views from the top are just as impressive. From its rocky 1,058-ft. summit, 360-degree views of Calero Reservoir, Mt. Umunhum, Mt. Hamilton, downtown San Jose, and all the way up to San Francisco 50 miles away, will take your breath away.

  • Recreation + Enjoying nature up close will be easier than ever.

    The next time you’re looking to get away from it all, look no further. Prominent at the end of the Valley, Rancho San Vicente will connect more than 31,000 acres of already protected open space, parks and preserves. Protecting this land will help link miles of hiking and other recreational trails, and will open up previously closed-off lands for you to explore. It has all the right ingredients to become a premiere destination in the South Bay for outdoor recreation—accessible, affordable and just minutes away from home.

  • Water + A vital source of drinking water will be protected.

    Clean air and clean water are critical to everyone in the Valley. Protecting this watershed helps improve the quality of creeks, streams and a canal flowing into nearby Calero County Reservoir, a vital source of local drinking water for Santa Clara County’s 1.7 million residents.

  • Wildlife + Wild animals will continue to have a home on the land.

    Wild animals roam Rancho San Vicente, and saving this land will save their home. Endangered plants and animals rely on the property’s 506 acres of rare serpentine soils. Saving this special habitat provides these animals with essential food and shelter and preserves our region’s fragile ecosystems. With thousands of acres of already protected land surrounding Rancho San Vicente, its wildlife habitat will stay well preserved.

  • Legacy + Special places will remain special, now and for the future.

    Protecting Rancho San Vicente and other places like it creates a balance between development and nature in our Valley, and honors the heritage of the settlers, miners and ranchers who set down roots where we live today. You can leave your own legacy by helping POST preserve local open lands for people here now and for future generations. Unique, precious, worth protecting—Rancho San Vicente is perfect the way it is. Help us keep it that way!