Natural Resource Inventory and Mapping

To determine the stewardship needs on our lands, POST must keep track of the boundaries, land features and natural and cultural resources of its thousands of acres of currently owned and future-acquisition land, as well as of land protected by conservation easements held by POST.

Through our exhaustive natural resource inventory and mapping systems, POST strives to gain a thorough understanding of all the resources on our lands, so that we can prioritize our projects accordingly and share accurate data with landowners, agency partners, donors and other relevant parties.

For all our properties, we create maps indicating plant communities, wildlife habitat, streams, wetlands and other features. These maps are based on existing public materials, as well as additional ground-based mapping performed by POST staff, volunteers and consultants as necessary. The resulting maps provide the basic information needed for POST to prioritize its resource protection and enhancement projects. This information is also valuable to the partner organizations to which POST ultimately transfers its fee properties for permanent protection.

An organizational effectiveness grant from the Packard Foundation has helped POST enhance our mapping system, giving us the in-house ability to store, update and organize information and create customized, data-rich maps of the protected lands we manage and monitor on a daily basis.