Cultural Resource Stewardship

At POST, we work to protect not only the natural resources found on our local open lands but also the cultural resources that define our sense of place on the San Francisco Peninsula.

At Stevens Canyon Ranch, history comes alive at every turn. This scenic property, protected by POST in 2004, is now owned and managed by the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District (MROSD). Nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains near Cupertino, it includes the original house, former wine cellar/speakeasy, and other historic outbuildings, as well as a fruit orchard that POST continues to maintain.

The ranch encompasses a former vineyard that reportedly supplied wines to local restaurants and roadhouses during the Prohibition era. This remnant of Silicon Valley's agricultural past is a vital piece of our shared history in an area once commonly referred to as "The Valley of Heart's Delight." At present, POST is currently enacting a plan to actively maintain the apple and pear trees that erupt into vibrant bloom in the orchard every spring. Volunteers currently assist POST in pruning, thinning and harvesting fruit from the trees and maintaining the health of the orchard floor.