Our History

In 1977, ten visionaries—all local residents who cared deeply about the land—launched the  Peninsula Open Space Trust in Menlo Park, Calif. POST was conceived to work in partnership with a then five-year-old public agency called the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District (MROSD). POST’s charge at the time was to work with private landowners reluctant to deal with government agencies and to raise money to supplement public funds available for land conservation.

True to their word, POST’s founders created a nimble, fast-acting, independent organization that would save threatened land by way of bold vision, entrepreneurial instincts and gutsy resolve. POST has since saved over 75,000 acres of open space from South San Francisco to Gilroy. Today, POST works closely not only with MROSD and private landowners, but with national, state and county park systems and other agencies to create strong, effective partnerships on behalf of local natural lands.

Now headquartered in Palo Alto, we remain fortunate to work in an area where people truly value our spectacular surroundings. Since 1977, nearly 17,000 donors have made at least one gift to POST, and the numbers keep growing. Like our founders, every donor to POST is an entrepreneur for the environment. That’s because every gift to POST is an investment in the future of the land.